Charming. Memorable. Authentic.

A fresh take on portrait photography.

From a single portrait to a family of twenty, Sarah has dedicated her craft to capturing precious moments, exciting new beginnings, and casual portraits.


for couples, families, and everything in between.

I work with you to create situations that capture real-life moments, offering my guidance to create posed, yet natural portraits.

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Hello! I'm Sarah.

I began my photography journey as Sarah Giunta - a fashion photographer in San Francisco. It was a beautiful and wild ride, inspiring much of my current photography style.

Years later I found myself settled down in the Rochester area now as Sarah Bartolotta, with the perfect little family, and a growing passion for capturing sweet moments and happy memories. Every person, every couple, every family is unique, and I love to challenge myself to capture each individual story.

I always enjoy nature's beauty and working outdoors with natural light.

Go Bills!

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